Workshop 1: Creating a Video Channel for Your Museum

Whether you’re thinking about putting content on YouTube, iTunes U, Vimeo or ArtBabble, this introductory session will show you how to get your videos out there. The workshop is a primer on the different platforms and what you need to consider when developing and publishing video content on them, including resolution, framerate, compression, as well as other less technical topics like organization, branding and analytics.

Allegra Burnette
Emily Lytle-Painter
David Hart
Neal Stimler
Presented by:
Allegra Burnette, The Museum of Modern Art
Emily Lytle-Painter, Indianapolis Museum of Art
David Hart, The Museum of Modern Art
Neal Stimler, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Workshop 2: ePublishing – What You Need To Know

The world of ePublishing is changing at a dizzying rate. What is it, where do you start, and how do you find out the latest developments? This workshop will be an introduction to the world of digital publishing, unpacking some of the emerging language in this genre – what’s the difference between an iBook and an eBook, for example? What are the current and emerging trends for museums in publishing? Workshop leaders will talk about their ePublishing experiences, such as taking a former print publication and producing it digitally, or creating a brand new digital publication working with the inherent features of a digital device or application.

Tina Henderson
Stephen Hoban
Elizabeth Neely
Presented by:
Tina Henderson, Publishing Consultant
Stephen Hoban, The Guggenheim Museum, New York
Elizabeth Neely, Art Institute of Chicago

Workshop 3: Social Media Engagement: Defining & Measuring Success

Museums have been actively using social media for years now, yet we continue to struggle with how to measure and articulate success. While numbers like fans and followers are readily available and easiest to report, they reveal little about levels of engagement or how social outreach provides value to the organization and helps to achieve its mission. This workshop will explore the basics of measuring social engagement, going beyond the numbers and exploring how we can develop more meaningful, goal-oriented measures of engagement, conversation, and learning. How can we learn what truly resonates with audiences in the social space and build upon our successes? Workshop panelists will discuss defining goals, tying goals to your institution’s mission, identifying what to measure and how, and communicating success to leadership. A combination of metrics and evaluation tools will be discussed, the challenges associated with interpreting social analytics and producing reports, and how museums are gradually working toward making social success a regular (and less painful) part of their museum’s reporting activities.

Workshop 4: Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) for Small-Mid Size Institutions

Museums are creating an ever-expanding universe of digital assets, from images and apps, to internal documents. Digital Asset Management Systems (DAMS) offer museums the potential to rein in their digital assets, collect them, order them, track them and improve their findability and useful longevity. Regardless of the size of your organization, a DAMS could be a valuable tool. But where to begin? How do you start, and how do you decide what is the right DAMS for your institution’s needs? This workshop will introduce you to the world of digital asset management, discuss the state of the market of current DAMS products (both open-source and proprietary), and provide you with skills to start addressing your own DAM needs!

Workshop 5: Digital Project Management – Developing a Toolkit for Successful Project Delivery

Join Charlotte Sexton (VP MCN), Carolyn Royston and Simon Delafond (Imperial War Museums) for a 90 minute interactive workshop focusing on digital project management. All three are hugely experienced in digital project delivery and have actively led on digital initiatives in their institutions and beyond.

The focus of the workshop is to provide practical advice on how best to plan, initiate and deliver a digital project. The approaches covered will be applicable to large and small-scale website development, multimedia and mobile projects. The session will give you a solid foundation to build on and will help you decide on the right approach and methodology to ensure successful delivery and future sustainability.

Through active participation, this facilitated workshop will provide you with an invaluable toolkit for initiating a digital project in a cultural organization, ensuing you know the right questions to ask in order to get the answers you need.

By the end of the workshop you will be armed with a guide to all the key questions you should be asking, some strategies to deal with common issues that arise, and confidence in your ability to keep your project on track to a successful delivery.

Participants that would benefit from this workshop include: those that are new to managing a digital project, or are in organizations that do not have the backing of large digital teams.

With contributions from project managers from around the world:

  • Christina DePaolo, Balboa Park, USA
  • Peter Gorgels, Rijksmuseum, The Netherlands
  • Jonny Brownbill, Museums Victoria, Australia
  • Tijana Tasich, Tate, UK